Bioenergy Healing


Bioenergy healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body.

A being that exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. Accepting and understanding this, I can then utilise various techniques to restore your energy flow to the optimum balance accross all these dimensions.

Bioenergy healing is a broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow in and around human body to restore balance on all levels, thereby enabling the physical body to heal itself.

Basicaly clearing blocks and interferences from the biofield.

Bioenergy healing therapy consists of 4 consecutive (either consecutively or  weekly) therapies. Depending of the nature of a client's condition, how serious / chronic their current state and and the length of time they suffered their illness; some clients may require further treatments.

Distant Healing

  In the world of energy we are all connected and there is no such thing as time and space. Bioenergy healing is not restricted to a specific time and location. We all are made of energy, each of our thoughts is a stream of energy. The Bionergy therapist with the intention of healing and helping uses the power of their thoughts to aid their client.

What to Expect

Everyone experiences Bionergy treatment differently; you may feel sensation such as heat, cold, tingling, vibration or swaying of the body. After treatment some clients instantly begin to feel significant and remarkable changes in their health. Some clients may also notice very little happening and then discover that their illness or states disappear over the weeks after the session. It is very helpful to have an open mind and be receptive to the energy to maximize the benefits of the healing.