What can BioEnergy Healing do for me?

The theory behind bioenergy healing is based on external and internal electromagnetic currents. The body is an energetic system in constant energetic interaction with its environment. Bot natural and man-made sources of electromagnetic currents exist in our environment, the most notable natural one being that of the earth itself. Man-made electromagnetic fields include electric power and communication systems,television satellites, cellular telephones, military satellites and communication equipment, microwave radiation etc...Other man-made chemical agents and bi-products in our home and larger environment such as pesticides,combustion fumes contribute towards the polluting effect on people's natural electromagnetic balance. This in turn affects our cellular metabolism and our general well-being.

The idea of bioenergy healing is to balance our own electromagnetic field, restoring natural harmony on a cellular level and wherever the body should need it. It works by treating blockages in our "electrical circuitry" that appear to be the cause of a symptom. It aims to locate the symptom's origin, release the blockage and activate the body's own ability to repair and heal.

BioEnergy therapy has successfully helped many people heal from wide array of illnesses such as anxiety, chronic stress, back pain, insomnia, headaches, migraine, asthma,epilepsy diabetes as well as many other conditions not listed.