Feng Shui


Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything is energy, therefore "energetic." The world and everything in it is composed of vital energy or life force that vibrates at different frequencies. It swirls in and around every every living being in nature, in buildings, and in space. Energy from the sun, earth and air breaths life force into everyone and everything. Energy permeates our physical body and the buildings where you live and work.Our personal energy is constantly interacting with our surroundings and the people and objects within it. This is where Feng Shui enters the picture. As BioEnergy Healing works on physically balancing the BioEnergy field around our body, Feng Shui offers specific rules to guide the vital energy evenly and continually through your space.

    Our home must have the optimal flow of positive energies to regenerate and propel our life forward. Like the fish in its water, we are swimming in pools of energy as we interact with your environment.Our home and every object within it, contains an energy field. The color of the walls, the photos and artwork, the size of your sofa, the floors, the garden and water elements the smells and tastes affect as on a daily basis. In addition our home contains emotional energies created by the previous tenants and by as. It is a good idea to clean all spaces before we inhabit them. Recognizing that the energy in your home has everything to do with the energy of your life is fundamental. Dwellings that radiate love, happiness, and fortuity present those same feelings and opportunities to you. Our home serves as a mirror for our thoughts, passions, spiritual beliefs and much more. One of exciting aspects of feng shui is that you can change what your home is saying to you. As you change the outer template of your home to encourage your dreams, goals, your inner life shifts. Your home is an active force in your life, regardless or whether or not you attend to it. By becoming aware of how your home mirrors you, and how to shift its energy, you can turn your home into a force that heals, restores balance, and encourages growth. Feng Shui is the art of consciously making design choices that support your life path.