Distant Healing

I have completed distant healing sessions across Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, slovenia, England, Netherlands, France as well as many states across the USA with positive results.I have a number of unique healing practices that can be applied to the biofield of any person regardles of where they are on the planet.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions can be experienced as Distance Healing Sessions where the client is physically in another location.

Specific for these Tesla frequencies is that energy gets stronger with distance.

“There are several phenomena in physics that could meditate healing at a distance. For example, scalar waves (Tesla Weaves) have the extraordinary property of affecting the structure of space everywhere, instantaneously. Scalar waves therefore do not have a velocity as such, and their effects do not diminish with distance. Now that there is growing evidence for healing at a distance, as well as the benefits of prayer, the Scalar wave is being re-examined for its possible role in mediating such phenomena. This is important because many of the complimentary therapies are discovering that healing work that can be done locally can also be done at a distance.” —James Oschman Ph.D From Science and The Human Energy Field.

The Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner is not a healer, as all healing is a connection between the client and the “aether” but a facilitator of the flow of energy and information of the Tesla Weaves to enhance this connection.

Tesla Metamorphosis Healing Session
$111 — 1 Hour