What People Say

Minka is so warm, loving and wise, that even just talking to her is healing for me. Let alone when she sends energy through her loving heart and hands. When I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a large abdominal mass, she was there for me and helped me stay on a true healing path-and I never had surgery"


Oana, California

I would wholeheartedly recommend Minka and the work she does in her BioEnergy practice. When I met Minka I was going through a very painful and stressful period in my life and was overwhelmed. After working with her on Distant Healing, I felt like Minka has helped me discover my own personal fountain of youth and I feel 20 years younger. I have lost about 10 pounds and am now the same weight I was in university. Perhaps most importantly my outlook in life has improved and things that previously intensely bothered me, no longer do.

Craig Y.Guelph, ON

Every parents worse nightmare is when you see your child struggling and you can't find solution to the problem. After 2 years of struggle and the situation going from bad to worse, we were given this great opportunity to try BioEnergy Healing. Our 3 year old son was going through some very odd behaviour, that even the early childhood educators where confused as to what is causing him to behave that way.He simply was refusing to wear his winter jacket, and if forced to put it on, he would be in huge distress. Also,the issue was having him to wear long pants and long sleeve shirt. We could not recognize him, as he is always smiling and generally being very happy, and yet when we would go outside and ask him to put his jacket on, the very strange behaviour would begin. We tried everything, we talked to our family doctor and while we agreed that it is not a normal behaviour he could not tell us what is causing this type of behaviour. We contacted Minka at Above & Beyond BioEnergy Healing and she suggested we do 4 consecutive therapies and after a month we do a follow up therapy. Already after second therapy we noticed huge improvements. As he wouldn't stay still on the therapy bed, Minka suggested we do Distant Healing while he is in his car seat or in his bed. And while I still can't explain or fully understand how BioEnergy Healing works, I know one thing for sure, it has helped our son. We found the bioenergy therapy very safe,non-invasive,and yet so powerful and beneficial.

Saliha Maglajlija